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One of the most common reasons why people love flowers so much is because of the beautiful fragrance they emit. A beautiful, natural garden overflowing with scented flowers can brighten up anyone’s day, even after a work week from hell. The smell of flowers connotes happy occasions such as summer days, birthdays, weddings and celebrations. This is one of the reasons most gardeners will choose flowers that smell divine as their flowers du jour.

Some of the best fragrant flowers for your garden include Arabian jasmine, banana shrub, butterfly bush, confederate jasmine, garden phlox, gardenia, heliotrope, hyacinth, angels’ trumpet and roses. All of these have a unique and delicious scent that will leave your outdoor area smelling beautiful. However, some of the most fragment and beautiful flowers also take more care than you would expect. To really get that beautiful, spring time freshness smell from
your flowers, keep the following tips in mind

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