Bartending For Beginners


Bartending for Beginners” is an easy-to-read, simple guide to learning all of the basics that the pros already know.  This book is written so that, if you want to make money as a bartender, you’ll be ridiculously successful.  If you just want to impress your friends, you’ll be the talk of the town!

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Never Throw A Boring Party Again,
Be Remembered By All Of Your Guests
As The Place To Go When There’s A Party

Whether You Want To Tend Bar As A Career Or Just
Impress Your Friends And Family, You’ll Learn
Everything You Need To Know – Right Here!

Does it bother you that you have no idea what a Dirty Martini is?  Are you embarrassed when you have no idea what’s in a Cosmopolitan?  Do you wish you had incredible bartending skills so everyone wants to come to your party instead of someone else’s?  It’s not last call yet – we’ve got the answers you want.

Bartending began as a trade years and years and years ago by the people who produced liquor and then sold it to the public.  This turned out to be quite a profitable venture for the bartenders and fulfilled the public need for a highly demanded product.

Historically, some people have had a particular fondness for liquor.  This is an enormous benefit for those who want to pursue bartending as a career.  It can also be great fun for those who love to host their own parties.  People want their drinks and prohibition proved that absence of product doesn’t lessen the demand.

Tending bar involves much more than just making drinks.  This is especially true if you’re heading towards a career in the business.  The job includes customer service, management, security, and sometimes, psychiatrist!  Don’t go into this venture clueless.

Learn Everything You Need To Know In This Book!

Our e-book, “Bartending for Beginners” is a simple, easy-to-use guide that will teach you more than your inexperienced counterparts.  When you go into a job, you want to be armed with as much expertise and information as you can possibly find.

If you’re a big entertainer in your home, this book is perfect for you too!  Even if you never have any aspirations of going pro, this book is for you too!  What do we cover inside these pages?  You’ll be surprised.  Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Bartending terminology
  • Tools you’ll need
  • Making “pretty looking” drinks
  • Basic techniques for mixing drinks
  • And so much more!

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